(English) Take Back the Land: The Social Function of Land and Housing, Resistances & Alternatives

(English) This book is a social coproduction, a collective tool, built with contributions by different actors. «Take back the land» tries to shed a light on the progress of the social function of land and housing in the different areas of the world.

It was developed through the concern held by many social movements, researchers, social organisations, local and national authorities as well as international organisations with the issue of the social function of land and of housing worldwide. Therefore, the publication sets forth answers to the questions raised by ownership, since the validity and ineluctability of private property are deeply rooted concepts in many societies.

Special Rapporteurs Raquel Rolnik and Olivier de Schutter wrote the book editorial about social function of land and tenure security, analysing the current global tenure crisis and how it is addressed worldwide.

To download the English version of the publication, click on the green button below. The French version is available here.

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