Land, Water Grabs Devastate Communities

New satellite imagery shows extensive clearance of land used by indigenous groups to make way for state-run sugar plantations in Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley, Human Rights Watch and International Rivers said today.

Land, conflict and injustice in India

There are many fires raging in India. The agrarian crisis is one of the most shocking and destructive, and it sits at the heart of a range of interconnected calamities.

US Congress Passes Law Demanding Redress for Boeung Kak Lake Community, Pressures World Bank to Take Action

The 2014 Consolidated Appropriations Act, approved by the US House of Representative, requires “the United States executive director of each international financial institution to seek to ensure that each such institution responds to the findings and recommendations of its accountability mechanisms by providing just compensation or other appropriate redress to individuals and communities that suffer violations of human rights, including forced displacement, resulting from any loan, grant, strategy or policy of such institution.”

UN rights expert calls for the protection of indigenous people facing eviction in Embobut Forest, Kenya

A United Nations independent expert has urged the Government of Kenya “to ensure that the human rights of the Sengwer indigenous people are fully respected, in strict compliance with international standards protecting the rights of indigenous peoples.”

Sengwer tribe faces eviction in the name of conservation

The Sengwer tribe has safeguarded the Embobut forest in western Kenya for hundreds of years and they wish to remain on their lands and care for the forest where their ancestors are buried. But the Kenyan government claims to be protecting the forest’s biodiversity by removing the very people who have protected it.

Eviction threats remain for vulnerable displaced people

Since mid-2013 tens of thousands of internally displaced people living in formal and in-formal settlements in Mogadishu have been forced to move to makeshift settlements north of the city, Kilometre 7 to 13.

15,000 squatters to be kicked out in Keiyo

County commissioner Arthur Osiya has said the squatters will not be given extra time to continue living in the forests as they had been paid Sh400,000 per family to buy land elsewhere.

Give Women Priority in Land Allocation, says Chief Chiwala

Chief Chiwala of the Lamba-speaking people in Masaiti District has said women should be given priority in land allocation because they are the main drivers of agriculture.

Land Grab: Foreign Firms Drive Cambodians from Farms

Each year, foreign agricultural corporations deprive thousands of Cambodian farmers of their fields — with the government’s help. Human rights groups claim German taxpayer money is used to fund a program that benefits land grabbers.

African Commission Affirms Women’s Right to Land and Other Productive Resources

In November 2013, the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights adopted a groundbreaking resolution on women’s right to land and other productive resources. With this resolution, the African Commission urged States “to fully comply with their obligations and commitments to ensure, protect and promote women’s right to land and property” and encouraged them “to repeal discriminatory laws and adopt legislative measures to sanction customary practices that limit or have a negative impact on women’s access to, use of and control over land and other productive resources.”