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France begins eviction of 650 migrants from Calais camps

French police have begun expelling around 650 migrants from camps in the northern port of Calais, despite opposition from rights groups supporting asylum seekers.

Anti-eviction group creates crowdsourcing map for stories of displacement

Bay Area residents who are experiencing eviction or another form of displacement due to gentrification are encouraged to contribute their stories to a crowdsourcing map, the latest effort by the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project.

People’s right to the city has been eroded by mega-event evictions in Rio de Janiero

Brazil has been preparing furiously for the upcoming World Cup and 2016 Olympics. While these developments are thought to represent the country’s growing economy and rising middle class, such “progress” has come at the expense of Brazil’s poorest citizens. Sue Brownill, Ramin Keivani, and Erick Omena de Melo look at the forced evictions in Vila Autódromo to make way for Olympic venues, in spite of the residents’ legal title to their site, arguing that it is representative of global trends of market and state forces eroding people’s right to the city.

HLRN Releases a Handbook on “How to Respond to Forced Evictions”

At an event organised in New Delhi on 16 April 2014, Housing and Land Rights Network (HLRN) launched its new publication titled “How to Respond to Forced Evictions: A Handbook for India”.

Viet Nam land grabbing case needs to be urgently addressed – UN human rights experts

A group of United Nations independent human rights experts on Wednesday called on the Vietnamese Government to intervene urgently in a case of forced eviction of the last remaining residents of Con Dau.

Indigenous communities face imminent eviction

Having fought tirelessly against the unlawful Barro Blanco hydroelectric dam, the indigenous Ngäbe communities on the banks of Panama’s Tabasará river are today threatened with forced eviction at the hands of Panama’s notoriously brutal security forces.

Life on margins: Slum dwellers for resettlement plan before eviction

Resolving to resist any move to evict them, residents of various katchi abadis in the capital held a demonstration in Sector H-11 katchi abadi on Sunday afternoon, said a press release.

Roma migrants evicted from Stockholm site

The Swedish Enforcement Agency (Kronofogden) carried out the eviction in Högdalen, a suburb in the southern reaches of Stockholm, at 9am on Monday, just days after a bus load of the campers went home.

Squatters refuse to go as eviction date looms

The notice warned that those who do not comply with the order could face one month in prison under section 21(1) of the Lower Burma Town and Village Lands Act. They will even be charged by the authorities for the cost of demolishing their homes, the notice said.

Unwanted Roma

Hundreds of thousands of Roma – mostly from Romania and Bulgaria – have moved to Western Europe since the 1990s. Widely perceived as scroungers and thieves, they are rarely made welcome.