Communications Report (2009)

This report has the summary of communications sent and replies received from following Governments:

Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroun, China (People’s Republic of), Colombia, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, México, Nigeria,  Panamá, Russian Federation, Sri Lanka Sudan, Suisse, Turkey, United States of America, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe.

In the context of his mandate, the Special Rapporteur on adequate housing receives a large number of communications alleging violations of the right to adequate housing and related rights worldwide. Such communications are received from national, regionaland international non-governmental organizations, as well as intergovernmental organizationsand other United Nations procedures concerned with the protection of human rights.

The present addendum to the annual report of the Special Rapporteur contains, on a country-by-country basis, summaries of communications sent by the Special Rapporteur to States, responses received from States, observations of the Special Rapporteur, and follow-upcommunications and activities relating to earlier communications, from the period of5 December 2007 to 5 December 2008 and replies received for the period of 24 January 2008 to6 February 2009. A number of the communications contained in the present report were sent bythe former Special Rapporteur, Mr. Miloon Kothari.

During the period under review, the Special Rapporteur sent a total of 34 communicationsconcerning the right to adequate housing to 25 States. Of these 34 communications transmitted,17 replies were received from Governments.

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