Slum fire leaves 200 homeless

Red Cross official Issa Premji said those who lost their homes had been temporarily sheltered at a nearby school and church. “We administered first aid to about 20 people with minor injuries and found shelter for families without a place to spend the night,” he said.

UN human rights experts urge Kenya to repeal discriminatory sections in Matrimonial Property Act


A group of United Nations human rights experts today urged Kenya to repeal sections of the Marriage and Property Act which effectively deny women the right to marital property upon divorce or death of their spouse.

UN rights expert calls for the protection of indigenous people facing eviction in Embobut Forest, Kenya

A United Nations independent expert has urged the Government of Kenya “to ensure that the human rights of the Sengwer indigenous people are fully respected, in strict compliance with international standards protecting the rights of indigenous peoples.”

UN expert urges Kenya to protect rights of indigenous people facing eviction

An independent United Nations human rights expert today urged the Kenyan Government to protect the rights of the Sengwer indigenous people who have lived in the Embobut Forest for centuries and are now facing eviction. “Indigenous peoples shall not be forcibly relocated from their lands or territories,” said the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, James Anaya.

Sengwer tribe faces eviction in the name of conservation

The Sengwer tribe has safeguarded the Embobut forest in western Kenya for hundreds of years and they wish to remain on their lands and care for the forest where their ancestors are buried. But the Kenyan government claims to be protecting the forest’s biodiversity by removing the very people who have protected it.

15,000 squatters to be kicked out in Keiyo

County commissioner Arthur Osiya has said the squatters will not be given extra time to continue living in the forests as they had been paid Sh400,000 per family to buy land elsewhere.

High Court judge stops Ruai evictions as 3,000 squatters fight for their land

Fugicha said they have occupied the land for the last 14 years without interruption and want the judge stop any eviction. “The defendants intend to evict us and we pray that this court restrains them,” Fugicha said. He said in the interest of justice so that their property is not damaged, the court should protect them.

High court blocks Elgeyo Marakwet squatters’ eviction

Justice Ochieng issued an injunction stopping the eviction after an application filed by Lawyer Thomas Openda for the families. They squatters want the state to give them more time so that they prepare to vacate from the forests later.

Why Kenya must not pass its revised marriage property bill

Women having secure rights to land is not just good for women, their families and communities – it is good for Kenya.

Lands Commission halts eviction of squatters from disputed land

The National Land Commission (NLC) has stopped further evictions of squatters from land that is at the centre of a dispute between locals and a private developer in Mombasa. The 527 families have been embroiled in a dispute with the developer over ownership of the 135 acres since 2010.