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  1. Hi Everyone,
    My name is Asia Czapska, and I work with a feminist organization called Justice for Girls, in Vancouver BC, Canada. We are a social justice organization focused on the human rights of girls (under age 19) who are homeless and low income, mostly within the province of British Columbia, but also nationally. We recently…
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  2. Con los aportes de la ONG CANOA en Argentina recibimos la siguiente introducción:

    CANOA es una ONG en la que abordamos diferentes problemáticas del hábitat popular junto a los sectores populares en el ámbito local, desde el año 1988. Desde una perspectiva interdisciplinaria trabajamos junto a instituciones intermedias y…

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  3. Buenas tardes a tod@s:
    Quería decirles que no sabía que ya había bastantes mujeres y hombres debatiendo sobre el tema, un gusto enorme.
    Mi nombre es Betsey Valdivia, de Perú, trabajo en la Asociación Aurora Vivar, que es una ONG y somos parte activa de CLADEM PERU.
    Estoy enviando los aportes acerca de una de las preguntas…
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  4. Hello/Salaam

    After having read all your introductions I just wanted to say that I am fascinated and empowered already by the work you are all doing.

    Amazing work sisters.

  5. Hello/Salaam Everyone!

    My name is Narmeen Hashim and I am a housing advocate from Ottawa, Canada. I work with Leilani Farha at the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation. I am passionate about social and economic rights for all, but am particularly interested in the right to safe, secure, affordable, and adequate accommodation for…

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    • Hello Narmeen, welcome to the platform!
      We rely on the cooperation of people like you!
      Please, visit the topics, see the discussions and give us your comments about the process and the system! You can help in this construction! Don’t hesitate in contact us!
      Welcome again!

  6. Hello Everyone, My name is Dinah Amankwah, a lecturer in English language. My consultancy advocates gender equality among other issues. I am working with women from Northern Ghana. These women are constantly subjected to violent cultural practices– abduction and forced marriages in order to secure dowry for the menfolk. Women in the…
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    • Welcome Dinah,

      My name is Mobola, the regional focal point.

      Just wanted to also add that we must also strive to economically empower women so that they can build assets such as land and housing. Addressing the chronic and historic poverty among our women is crucial to overcoming the barriers posed by negative cultural…

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  7. Hello everyone,

    My name is Sylvia Noagbesenu and I am very excited to be contributing to this forum. By way of introduction, I am a human rights lawyer and have worked with the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions on economic, social and cultural rights for the past 7 years.

    I have worked mainly in Africa advocating for women’s…

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  8. My Name is Kathie Pruden Nansel I live and work in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I currently work with street involved men and women. I am a long time member of a working group here in Saskaoton called Passion For Action Aganist Homelessness. We are very active and have made some documentaries that cna be found on youtube –…
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  9. Hi everyone, my name is Jessica Toale. I work at the UK-based NGO Article 25. Our name comes from the 25th Article of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights relating specifically to the right to adequate shelter. We design, build and manage projects working with local NGOs and government partners in areas affected by poverty,…
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  10. Hello everyone,

    I represent Association of Roma Women “Amarilis” from Serbia and Im working on Roma Women issues more than 10 years

    All the best

    • Thanks for joining!

  11. Hello everyone,

    I represent Eka Skhiladze from Women’s Information Center,Georgia; Established in 2000 the Women’s Information Centre (WIC) supports women’s NGOs and promotes women’s leadership. The organisation manages a resource centre in Tbilisi that offers assistance to women’s NGOs, initiative groups and individuals. WIC is…

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    • Welcome, and we look forward to reading about the work of WIC in the field of housing.

  12. Hello everyone,
    My name is Charlotte Hrenchuk and I work for the Yukon Status of Women Council in Whitehorse, Yukon , Canada. YSWC is a feminist advocacy and research collective providing a voice for Yukon women. I have been working in the area of women and housing rights and homelessness, particularily in northern Canada which…
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  13. a little background:

    rick passo
    @rictandag las vegas, nevada
    Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.
    Gawad Kalinga Advocate, http://www.gk1world.com/gkcsi

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  14. Hy everyone,
    It’s nice to meet all of you.

    This is mahfuj alam from Bangladesh, South East Asia.

    I am very glad to be part of this platform. I have completed my Master’s Degree from Chennai, India in Computer Science from University of Madras. From the Subject perspective, I may be found as the odd one in this discussion. But I…

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  15. Hi everyone, am Michael Nmai Maxwell. I am glad for this initiative as this if implemented seriously, it will go a long way to obliterate the negative of women not worthy to own a land or house.

    Now as director of non-profit organization, Raleigh Ghana I travel a lot and do participate in many policy formulations and have derived many…

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  16. Hi everyone, am Michael Nmai Maxwell. I am glad for this initiative as this if implemented seriously, it will go a long way to obliterate the negative of women not worthy to own a land or house.

    Now as director of non-profit organization, Raleigh Ghana I travel a lot and do participate in many policy formulations and have derived many…

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  17. Hello Every one, my names are Lilian Ifeoma Chibiko from Nigeria but now living in Sweden. I am a Catholic Nun and a Social worker trained in Sweden. I am very glad to be part of this platform. I have been very active in fighting widow’s issues in my country. It is a very big problem in my country because women have no right to own land.…
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  18. Hi, my name is Faye Dewar, i am a member of Women Housing Equality Network (WHEN) and Grassroots Organization Operating in sisterhood. (Groots Canada). i am a metis woman and i work in the inner city of edmonton as a Health Adovate. i volunteer on the board of NIGINAN Housing Venture ( which is now in the process of building a 42 unit…
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  19. Hi everyone, I am Selda from Turkey. I work as an English teacher and live in the southeast part of Turkey. I am still a postgraduate of Gender Studies. I would like to be in some discussions here and share my experience as a woman.

    It’s nice to meet all of you.

    • Nice to meet you too, Selda. Please look around, you can join any of the discussions, we’d love to hear about your experiences relating to housing rights.

  20. My name is Elda Gjergji and I am currently working as head of social services department at the municipality of Elbasan as well as pedagogue at “Aleksander Xhuvani” University, Department of Civic Education, Faculty of Social Sciences in Elbasan, Albania.

    My background for my undergraduate degrees are in social sciences and business…

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    • Welcome, Elda! Please join the discussion on Eastern Europe and Central Asia at:

  21. Hello everybody I am Dragana Drndarevska, from Skopje, Macedonia. I am president at the YCEO, organization that work on the right and education of young girls. Also I work in the Unin-National Council of gender equality that is a network of 110 women’s organization with different background from Macedonia. I really like the topic of…
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  22. Hallo every body, my name is Deborah Oyella, i work and live in Northern Uganda and work allot of the rights of adequate housing for women in Acholi land.

  23. Hi I am Terrie Meehan in Ottawa Canada,

    I am a disabled commiunity activist and a member of several committees working on anti-homelessness anti-poverty and disability issues. I work from an inclusion pwerspective.

    Everyone has the right to approriate, affordable housing.

  24. Hello everyone!

    My name is Julia Gregoire and I am a housing support and outreach worker with Nazareth House in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our mandate as a transition home is to help women recovering from addictions and help them find housing afterwards.

    I am very new to this position, but housing and homelessness is something…

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  25. Hi, Nice to meet everyone, My name is Debbie D Frost, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, I am an activist, advocate and researcher with a focus on poverty, housing and homelessness and a social work background. Since 1996 I have been activily involved in these issues at the local provincial and national level. As a board member of…
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  26. Hi All,

    I’m Leilani Farha – the focal point for North America. By way of introduction, I am a human rights lawyer in Ottawa, Canada and the Executive Director of the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA). CERA is an economic and social rights organization focused on addressing discrimination and inequality in housing. We…

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  27. Hello – my name is Sabine and I work in the Secretariat of the International Land Coalition (www.landcoalition.org), a global network of civil society and farmers’ organizations, United Nations agencies, international organizations, and research institutes united by a shared committment to advancing a pro-poor land agenda. Currently,…
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  28. Thanks for joining the online discussion, Jade.

  29. Aloha to all of you from Hawaii,
    My name is Jade Emory. I am a retired university instructor and psychoanalyst who has been homeless for over 9 years because the State of Hawaii has deliberately chosen to defy the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 by refusing to accommodate my breathing disability.
    I absolutely require private rural…
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  30. Hi Everyone,

    I’m Leilani Farha. I am a human rights lawyer in Canada and the Executive Director of the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA). CERA is an economic and social rights organization focused on addressing discrimination and inequality in housing. We undertake a variety of projects: one-on-one case…

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  31. Hello, my name is João Paulo and I am a member of the team that are developing this system.
    I will be monitoring the system to solve any problem.
    I hope everyone like it, and fell free to pointing errors and suggestions.

    • Hello!
      I’d like to ask how we can insert avatars. I’ve looked at the profile editor and could not find anything on avatars. I’d also like to ask on the ways to edit or delete our own previous comments (if sometimes a correction or addition needs to be made). Or, should we maybe open another topic on such tech issues?

      • The answer of Mayra is correct. You can insert your photo by editin your profile(that’s the last thing in the form), and the system is not prepared to delete coments, but we are studying.
        Nice iniciative to create a new space, I will be alert to help you.

      • Hi Tatjana,

        I think that you can upload a picture by going to your profile? I have tried that just now and it seems to work. I am not sure whether we can edit comments that we post, though. Seems like perhaps not.

        I have just added a new space on the dashboard on ‘questions about the consultation’ where hopefully we can discuss…

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  32. Hello! Oi!
    This is shivani from India! Hope you’re all doing well. Work at the Housing and Land Rights Network in Delhi. Just testing the site!

  33. Sorry, I am still learning to navigate this page – it might take some time… – and only now I realised that I need to go to the “trash” to read your previous comments!

    I am a human rights professional from Bosnia and Herzegovina, living in Serbia. I have an MA in Theory and Practice of Human Rights and I’m a PhD candidate in Gender…

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  34. Hi Joyce, I also don’t seem to be able to see the comments anymore.


  35. Hi everyone,
    This is a quick message to test the system.
    I will write a longer message soon.

    • Hello Salwa!! It is great that you have found the way to post!
      Sorry about the difficulty! we area working to solve the problems!
      Welcome to the platform!

  36. Hy everyone,

    My name is Mariaconcetta Patti, you can call me Mariko, I’m Italian from Sicily. I studied Political Sciences and I’m going to finish a Master degree on Gender Studies at Barcelona University. I have been working in different NGO on the defence and promotion on human rights, with special focus on ESCR, violence…

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  37. Hi everyone, I am Raquel Rolnik the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing and the leader of this project. I am very happy and proud to be part of this initiative!

  38. Hi, everyone! =)

    It’s nice to meet you all here! I’m a Lawyer and I’ve been working with Human Rights since I first got in the Law School here in Brazil, specially with ECSRights.

    Now, I’m doing my Master in Urban Planning at University of São Paulo and working in the Support Team, just like Joyce.

    Can’t wait to start our…

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  39. Hi everyone,

    This is Mayra Gomez, I am an activist working in the area of women’s economic, social and cultural rights. Prior to coming on to this project, I worked as the Senior Expert on Women and Housing Rights and the Women and Housing Rights Programme Coordinator with the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE). Over…

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  40. Hi everybody!

    My name is Mariana (you can call me Mari). I’m a Journalist and I work in the support team of the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing in Brazil. Since my graduation course I have a special interest in themes related to the Human Rights (my graduation conclusion project was about the media and the…

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    • Olá, Mari!


    • Hi Mari! Very interesting that you did some work on violence against women – do you by any chance know a woman named Vicky Ricciardi?

  41. I am architect and urban planner. This year I have started the Master in the University of Sao Paulo, in Urban Plan. I have worked with Ms Rolnik since 2007, in academic research and in the support team of Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing (in Brazil). I was engaged in the development of the first Project of the support team…
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    • Hi Joyce!

  42. Hello everybody! Please, describe yourself here!

    • Hello Everybody,

      Im Yeama from Sierra Leone. I am women,s rights activist and i work with poor and Marginalize women in my country.

      Presently i am part of a coalition working for the enactment of the Sexual offenses and matrimonial causes Bill and also the thirty percent quota for female representation in the upcoming elections.

      Thank you

    • I am Reuel Amdur. I am a social worker living in Val-des-Monts, Quebec. One issue affecting women in Quebec is that Quebec does not recognize rights of women in relationships outside of marriage, regardless of the length of time of the relationship. Only if there is a legal contract would a woman have a claim on property in case of…
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