Special Rapporteur Raquel Rolnik conducted a mission to the Maldives from February 18 to 25, 2009, invited by the country’s government, and met government and civil society representatives on Maldives Island. She also visited the Hulumale, Villingili, Naifaru, Hinnavaru, Dhuvaafaru, Kadhulhudhoo and Madduvari Islands.

The main objective of the mission was to examine the impact of climate change on the right to housing and the successes and challenges faced during the post-tsunami reconstruction process. During the mission, the Rapporteur also identified other issues that affected the right to housing, such as lack of land, overpopulation on some islands, high prices and lack of regulation in the housing market.

The Rapporteur believes that climate change will increase the problems facing the Maldives, such as the lack of land and increased vulnerability to natural disasters.

The acceleration of coast erosion, the growing number of storms and floods, and the elevation of the sea level shall increasingly affect the life and housing of many Maldivians. The Rapporteur believes that the international community should urgently support adaptation strategies for the Maldives.

The Rapporteur recommended that all housing policies take into consideration multiple choices to address diversity in income, life style and housing in the country and emphasized the importance of community participation in decision-making.

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