Special Rapporteur Miloon Kothari conducted a mission to Canada from October 9 to 22, 2007. His visit focused on four areas: homelessness, women and their right to adequate housing, Aboriginal populations and the impact of the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver on the right to adequate housing.

The Rapporteur identified successful housing programs, concluded with satisfaction that the majority of those living in Canada can afford a home on the private market, and dedicated his report to the problems faced by populations that require further attention from authorities.

The report lists several factors that could prevent the effective implementation of the right to housing for all people, such as the lack of recognition of the right to adequate housing in the national legal framework, the lack of a definition of “homeless”, and the lack of a national strategy for housing and problems arising from the division of competences between different levels of the government.

The Rapporteur also noticed an increase in the number of homeless people and people living in inadequate housing, increasing housing prices affecting people of several income ranges, and a decrease in the provision of public housing.

The report recommended, among other issues, the recognition of the right to housing at all levels of government and the adoption of laws to protect the right to adequate housing. It also highlighted the importance of addressing the situation of Aboriginal peoples on and off reservations, by means of a strategy of full and coordinated housing, and by ensuring the participation of Aboriginal women in treaties and negotiations.

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