Special Rapporteur Miloon Kothari conducted a mission in Cambodia from August 22 to September 03, 2005, following government invitation. The visit occurred while the country was facing important changes aimed at building democratic institutions under the rule of law.

During the mission, the main problems which the Rapporteur identified were deficiencies in the implementation of the Law on Lands of 2001 and non-compliance with the Constitution regarding forced evictions.

The failure to enforce the Law on Lands, which depended on the enactment of regulatory decrees in order to be fully effective, and the lack of a national housing policy to ensure the rights of most vulnerable people, hindered the access to adequate housing for thousands of families in both urban and rural areas.

However, the Rapporteur was impressed with initiatives taken by non-governmental organizations and the Phnom Penh Municipality. He also approved of the creation of a municipal office for the right to housing and municipality efforts to develop a plan of implementation of the Millennium Development Goals. After the mission, the government approved regulations to the Law on Lands.

In general, however, the Rapporteur was very concerned with the housing situation in Cambodia and requested the government to take progressive measures to ensure adequate housing for all Cambodians, according to its international human rights obligations.

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