UN Rapporteur Visits Indonesia to Observe Housing

June 04, 2013

A United Nations special rapporteur has arrived in Indonesia to gauge the government’s commitment to ensuring adequate housing for all.

A statement from the office of the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights said that Raquel Rolnik would be in the country from May 30 to June 11 to visit communities in Jakarta and elsewhere.

“Indonesia … faces a unique combination of challenges in promoting and protecting the right to adequate housing, such as rapid urbanization, a high proportion of households living in informal settlements and acute vulnerability to climate change,” Rolnik said.

“I see this visit as a great opportunity to assess the various policies and programs the government has been developing to address these compound challenges.”

During her time here, she will meet with senior government officials, representatives of the UN system, the donor community, nongovernmental organizations, individuals and communities.

A comprehensive report with her findings and recommendations will be presented in a report to the UN Human Rights Council in March 2014.


Source: Jakarta Globe

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