(English) Evicted families sleep in front of Bankia in Madrid

(English) November 3rd, 2012

It’s been two weeks since over 50 families decided to protest day and night in front of the banks main offices, with rain, cold weather and a lot of patience.

Their only hope is that Bankia negotiates with them a pay in kind and a social rent in order to continue living in their homes, after not being able to pay the mortgage they singed. After a few meetings and a lot of patience, two families have managed to stay in their houses, but with no garantees.

The platform of affected families of bank’s mortgages are trying to negotiate with Bankia directives to avoid next week’s evictions, seven in total, and to guarantee that what the bank accorded with these affected families that have managed this social rent.

Since the economic crisis began, there have been 350.000 evictions, which involves that the judicial system collapses. This situation has made Judges and prosecutors condemn the “speculative movements” of banks and savings banks when dealing with mortgage defaults, given that there is evidence that they are intentionally delaying the auction of properties that precede evictions, in the hope the price will go up.

The actual law, established in 1909, gives a great power to banks, which can proceed to an eviction with just three months with out paying the loan, even if a high percent of it has been already paid.

Spanish government is also trying to solve a problem that is already being noticed outside Spain, bay negotiating with banks a volunteer “Code of good practices”.

After fifteen days, only two people out of 52 have been able to reach an agreement with Bankia, the bank resposible por 80 pc of all evictions in Madrid’s area”.


Source: Press TV

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