Council approves bill to aid homeless youth in Washington

The homeless youth measure, among other things, allocates city funds for expanding existing homeless facilities, including shelters, to include additional beds for “youth who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning.” It also requires service providers to put in place “best practices for the culturally competent care of homeless youth” who identify as LGBT or questioning.

Landmark legislation to end homelessness comes into force in Scotland


In November 2012, the Parliament of Scotland adopted the Homelessness (Abolition of Priority Need Test) (Scotland) Order 2012, and the law came into force on 31 December. The legislation aims to effectively end homelessness by entitling all people facing homelessness unintentionally a right to settled accommodation.

National housing rights legislation


To provide States and other stakeholders with further guidance on the normative content of housing rights – and thus to support the goal of developing a model framework on housing rights – UN-HABITAT published the report National Housing Rights Legislation, an effort to prepare an overview of relevant national legislation on right to housing. The report contains excerpts from a large number of constitutional clauses and other national legislation with respect to housing rights and seeks to represent a variety of legal, political, economic and cultural systems and traditions.

Housing rights legislation


The OHCHR issued, in 2002, a publication called Housing rights legislation: Review of international and national legal instruments. Its focus is on housing law and how it can be used by States and the international community to address the problems of homelessness, forced evictions and housing deprivation from a human rights perspective.

Eviction Free Zone in Bobigny


Due to a process of real estate valorization and as a consequence of the international financial crisis, a number of evictions took place in France caused by tenants’ lack of economic capacity to pay rental fees.

Draft Bill – Social Interest Housing in El Salvador

The law’s objective is to detail the principles and rules under which public initiatives concerning the right to housing will be developed.

Canada’s Adequate, Accessible and Affordable Housing Act

The Adequate, Accessible and Affordable Housing Act establishes the compulsory development of a participatory National Housing Strategy designed to respect, protect, promote and fulfill the right to adequate housing as guaranteed under international human rights treaties.

The City Statute


The City Statute (Law No. 10.257/2001) was adopted in 2001 to regulate articles 182 and 183 of the Brazilian Constitution, which state that municipalities shall set up urban development policies for the realization of the ‘social function of cities’, aiming at the wellbeing of their inhabitants.

Brazil: Social Interest Housing System


The Social Interest Housing System was established in Brazil by the Federal Law Nº 11.124, in June 16th, 2005. The law’s objective is to detail the principles and rules under which public initiatives concerning the right to housing will be developed.