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Here you find audio and video files on the right to housing worldwide. If you or your organisation have articles in these formats that you would like to promote, contact the Rapporteur.

Rio World Cup demolitions leave favela families trapped in ghost town

From the roof of his home in the Favela do Metrô, Eomar Freitas enjoys
one of the best views in town. Look south and you see the Christ the Redeemer
statue towering over Rio’s mountains. To the north stands the green and
pink headquarters of Mangueira, the city’s best-loved samba school.

And in between, one of the world’s top sporting venues, the blue and grey
Maracanã stadium, which will host the final of the 2014 football World

Truculent Olympics

Within the past week, the Olymipic plan for the city of Rio de Janeiro has revealed a strong ambiguity in the quality of large urban development projects. Investments in public infrastructure, transport and sporting facilities arrive at the same pace as regrettable episodes of basic human rights violations and disrespect for the human condition.
The following video is an excerpt from a recording made one of these mornings in which the machines advanced over homes in the community of Restinga.

Forced Evictions in Rio de Janeiro, Interview with Favela Resident

The mudslides of April 5, 2010 changed the lives of many residents in Rio de Janeiro. In the aftermath the mayor of Rio requested the immediate removal of hundreds of families from their homes, without giving any explanation or a proper assessment of the area. This video is narrated by a resident of Laboriaux in the favela of Rocinha as he talks about the experience of the forced evictions.

Brazil: Megaevents and Forced Evictions

Vila Autódromo, a low-income community in western Rio de Janeiro, havebeen fighting off eviction.