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Here you find audio and video files on the right to housing worldwide. If you or your organisation have articles in these formats that you would like to promote, contact the Rapporteur.

Tokludede Düşleri / Dreams of Tokludede

Tokludede district in Istanbul, Turkey, is suffering from urban regeneration projects that are maintained across different parts of city. The area is one of the most important part of the city because of its historical and architectural background. People living here are exposed to forced eviction and they have no economic power to move their houses.

Tribunal on Evictions: Affected Communities Accuse Governments and UN-Habitat

Following the Salzano-Roussopulos dialogue on the right to the city and common goods, the workshop on zero evictions, and the international meeting of those negatively affected by real estate markets, the first day of the Urban Social Forum (which brings together social movements and organizations from various countries) came to a close with the Tribunal on evictions and land grabbing, held opposite the exhibition grounds where UN-Habitat’s World Urban Forum (WUF 6) is being held in Naples, Italy. Watch the video about the Tribunal below.

Rio favela residents say they’re being forced out by the Olympic

Vila Autodromo is a long way from the stereotype of a Brazilian favela — there are no drug traffickers and no troops. The 3000 residents who have lived here for the last 5O years don’t want to go anywhere — but the city of Rio has other ideas. They say the area – which has no sewage system or school – is a slum, and have promised the inhabitants better housing if they move out to make way for the 2016 Olympic Park.

Brazil residents face evictions ahead of 2016 Olympics

As many as 170,000 Brazilians are at risk of losing – or have already lost – their homes to make room for the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics and the 2014 FIFA World Cup. These forced evictions disregard human rights, leaving homes destroyed and lives disrupted.

The Making of an Urban Occupation: Manoel Congo

Manoel Congo is comprised of 42 families and 120 residents, the vast majority of whom have lived there since occupation in 2007. Many, but not all, are MNLM activists. Watch the video below to find out more about community life in this occupation:

Favela as a sustainable model

Sustainability principles already exist in Rio’s favelas, but they are so organic that they go unnoticed. Launched at Rio+20 by, the short film “Favela as a Sustainable Model” aims to initiate a global dialogue around the qualities inherent in informal settlements, particularly consolidated ones like those in Rio, and the potential lessons they offer towards a sustainable urbanization. Watch the video bellow (in Portuguese, with English subtitles):

Take Back the Land Madison video on housing liberation

Watch bellow one of the two videos made by Take Back the Land Madison. The group requests Bank of America to turn a home over to a community land trust so it can be used as affordable housing, instead of evicting their occupants. The other video is also available here, just click to read the entire post.

Brazil World Cup: Forced Evictions Violate Residents’ Rights

The minidocumentary “We Are The Legacy: The Story of Elisangela” (below) is the first in a series of videos being produced by the human rights organization Witness, in partnership with Brazil’s Comitê Popular Rio Copa e Olimpíadas, to tell the story of people affected by forced evictions linked directly or indirectly to preparations for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

From homes to prison cells: a story of land grabbing in Cambodia

Watch the video about the impact of land grabbing on poor people in Cambodia, exposing the risks faced by housing rights activists.

In the US, Latinos are hit hard by foreclosure spike

June 25, 2012 Watch here the report made by CNN Money about how the economic crisis has affected the Latino population in the US, specially regarding foreclosures.   Source: CNN