Audio and video

Here you find audio and video files on the right to housing worldwide. If you or your organisation have articles in these formats that you would like to promote, contact the Rapporteur.

A Time to Fight

Faced with the foreclosure of her home, Detroit resident LaKeisha Tuggle devised creative solutions to weather economic hardship. Click here to watch.

Raging Floods And Mudslides Cause Chaos Across Kenya

More than ten people are missing in Keiyo South district after yesterday’s landslides that claimed more than ten lives. Keiyo South DC Arthur Bunde says 500 people have so far been relocated from Kerio Valley and are currently camping at several primary schools in the area. He says the search and rescue mission is ongoing.

Kenyan police murder four squatters during eviction

Four people have been killed and ten others seriously injured when police opened fire on squatters protesting about being evicted from the 1200 acre Twiga Estate farm in Kenya, which they have lived on since 1952. 152 families (4,000 people) have been living on the farm since 1952, but claim they have owned the land since 1965 when itwas given to them by a white settler. They built homes and schools, and farmed the land for over 60 years.

Tent camp evictions on the rise in Haiti

After the 2010 earthquake, 1.5 million Haitians were forced to live in makeshift tents. Almost three years later, these displaced Haitians are facing a new threat – eviction by alleged landowners and government officials. More than 360,000 people still live in tent camps, according to estimates by the Internal Organization for Migration (IOM). But Haitians who say they own the land these tent camps sit on argue that they should get their land back. And in many cases, the local government authorities are supporting the landowners’ cause. Click here to watch the video.

Inclusive approach to urban planning

This is a short film made by Shelter Associates about a city-wide approach to slum rehabilitation. The film focuses on a project that is currently in progress in Sangli & Miraj. The film advocates that an inclusive approach, informed by a city-wide consciousness, and driven by an institutionalized monitoring system, is necessary to ensure tangible, long-lasting change, which results in the elevation of the quality of life of the urban poor.

Leva – Documentary

The documentary LEVA follows the lives of habitants of the Mauá occupation and reveals the organization of parties united to turn abandoned spaces into homes.

The Way to End Slums

Shot in high-definition in Thailand, Vietnam and Nepal, THE WAY TO END SLUMS tells through the first-person stories of activists, how lives and communities have been transformed by working with the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR).

“Nerede yaşarsan yaşa!”/”Don’t care where you live!”

In Turkey, the process of ‘Urban Transformation’ has been gaining momentum since the 2000’s. It started with the excuse of protecting the old settlements and cultural heritage areas. Tokludede, an old Ottoman neighborhood in the historical center of Istanbul, is one of about 50 neighborhoods under threat of demolition. After it was declared a renewal area, most of the residents have been forced to leave. Some are still resisting.

UN Special Rapporteur, Raquel Rolnik, talks about right to housing and mega-events

Professor Raquel Rolnik talks about mega sports events, like the World Cup and the Olympics, and their impacts on human rights.

People Before Profit: New Video on Global Forced Evictions

WITNESS has supported forced evictions campaigns for more than 10 years. During this time, these projects have amplified the voices of communities across the world. For World Habitat Day we are bringing many of these voices together for the first time to tell another story.