Audio and video

Here you find audio and video files on the right to housing worldwide. If you or your organisation have articles in these formats that you would like to promote, contact the Rapporteur.

Eu, Favela

With the recent implementation of the Pacifying Police Units (UPP) in several favelas in Rio de Janeiro, the gentrification process can already be observed, due to the vergitinous real estate valuation and to the rise in costs of infrastructure. Testimonies from residents of Chapéu Mangueira, a community in the Leme neighborhood, question the consequences of the current government’s policy, alerting the population so that the favela culture is not lost.

Spain’s housing crisis

Spain’s Senate is debating new laws to give cash-strapped Spaniards more time to meet mortgage repayments and avoid eviction. Under the changes, banks would have to wait two years before repossessing the homes of disadvantaged families. For now, Spain finds itself continuing to evict people from their homes, even as millions of properties sit empty. Two very different solutions to this problem are now arising.

Over 200 Farmers Risk Eviction in Kenya

Tension is high in Trans Nzoia County after more than 200 farm owners in Chepchoina ADC farm were issued with eviction orders.

Ne büntesd a szegénységet – Don’t let homelessness become a crime!

Watch the video against the criminalization of homelessness in the Hungarian Constitution.

Az alkotmány nem játék! – The constitution is not a plaything!

Watch the video below regarding the criminalization of homelessness in Hungary.

Lagos, Nigeria: Where housing is a luxury

A Anistia Internacional faz campanha para impedir os despejos forçados e conseguir mudanças na legislação sobre o direito à moradia em todo o mundo. A campanha visa melhorar as condições e acesso a serviços básicos em favelas e assentamentos informais, bem como aumentar a participação das pessoas que vivem nessas áreas nos processos e decisões que afetam suas vidas. Foto: Amnesty International

Lagos has over 10 million inhabitants – most of whom are constantly struggling for adequate housing. With an ever-increasing population, a decent place to live has become a luxury for Lagos’s poor majority. Click here to watch a newsclip from YouTube featuring Friday Ogunyemi and the aftermath of the forced eviction.

NGOs address sports-megaevents and human rights at the UN

Conectas, in partnership with other organizations, spoke at the UN Human Rights Council about sports mega-events in Brazil and their impacts on human rights.

We are not asking for free housing

On the 19th January 2013, homeless activists and their allies squatted an empty building in the 7th district of Budapest. The activists were arrested and now face misdemeanor charges because of disobeying police instructions.

Rio’s Red Card

Should one sporting event mean losing your home? In one small but valuable corner of Rio the answer is a very loud: No. “Without a home you have nothing. And Vila Autódromo is my home, my life is here. If they take my home, they take my identity, my past.”

Judges and Urbanism in Latin America

Antonio Azuela, a visiting fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, investigates issues and concerns in judicial rulings that have an impact on land use and urban planning in Latin America. Click here to watch the video.