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Rapporteur participates in different activities in Europe. Next mission will be in UK – Newsletter #37


Know more about the Rapporteur’s activities in Europe and her next mission to the United Kingdom.

Rapporteur holds activities on security of tenure in Brazil and Europe – Newsletter #36


Check the latest activities for the Security of Tenure project and learn more about the Rapporteur’s mission to Indonesia.

Special Rapporteur holds mission in Indonesia and consultations on security of tenure – Newsletter #35


Read the press release about the Indonesia mission the Special Rapporteur is currently conducting. Check the reports and presentations from the consultations held in Quito and Johannesburg.

Rapporteur participates in World Bank meetings in Washington – Newsletter #34


The Special attended the “Civil Society Policy Forum”, an event part of the “Spring Meeting” promoted by the World Bank, in Washington, participating in discussions about the process of reviewing and updating its safeguard policies.

Check our special newsletter on the Security of Tenure Project – Newsletter #33


In our special newsletter, the Special Rapporteur publicizes the security of tenure report presented to the Human Rights Council in March, as well as the activities scheduled for this semester.

The right to adequate housing for women is crucial for the effectiveness of other rights – Newsletter #32


The Special Rapporteur seizes the opportunity on this March 8th to reaffirm that the guarantee of the right to adequate housing for women is crucial for the effectiveness of other rights and for the promotion of autonomy in every sphere of their lives.

Report on Security of Tenure will be presented on March – Newsletter #31


On March 4th, Special Rapporteur Raquel Rolnik will present her first thematic report on security of tenure at the 22nd session of the UN Human Rights Council. In the same occasion, the Rapporteur will also present three mission reports.

Balance of the Special Rapporteur’s work in 2012 – Newsletter #30

imagem de destaque

The Rapporteur begins 2013 at a fast pace: on March 4th, rapporteur Raquel Rolnik will present to the UN Human Rights Council her reports on Israel and Rwanda missions, which took place last year, and also on the official visit to the World Bank, undertaken in 2010. At the time, the rapporteur will also present a preliminary version of the thematic report on security of tenure.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! – Newsletter #29


In 2013, we wish the energies are renewed in order to make the right to adequate housing a reality for all the inhabitants of the world!
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Rapporteur plans upcoming missions and issues new material on mega events and right to housing – Newsletter # 28

In November, the Rapporteur started to distribute booklets and leaflets on forced evictions and the right to housing, after they were reprinted. Booklets and leaflets in Portuguese on women and the right to housing are also being distributed. A new leaflet – on mega events and the right to adequate housing – has been printed! To receive these materials, contact us.