Here you find publications, articles, legislation and other kinds of documents related to the right to adequate housing.

Roots and Branches

ROOTS & BRANCHES is a digital archive of historical materials tracing the origins and evolution of the community land trust (CLT), as both a model and a movement. Find out more.

Countries and organizations address the reports presented at the Human Rights Council


Read the statements of the 32 countries and 6 organizations that addressed the reports’ presentation.

Read the comments to the mission report by the United Kingdom


Read the comments made by the United Kingdom regarding issues and data addressed by the UN Special Rapporteur in her report about the mission conducted to the country in 2013.

Take Back the Land: The Social Function of Land and Housing, Resistances & Alternatives


“Take back the land” tries to shed a light on the progress of the social function of land and housing in the different areas of the world. It was developed through the concern held by many social movements, researchers, social organisations, local and national authorities as well as international organisations with the issue of the social function of land and of housing worldwide.

WITNESS and Amnesty International Release a New Toolkit for Housing & Land Rights Activists

This past year we’ve seen powerful stories of activists in Brazil, Cambodia, India and Mexico, rising up to defend their communities from being forcibly evicted. But with 15 million people facing forced eviction every year, there is still a lot of work to be done. To support this work, WITNESS and Amnesty International have released a Forced Evictions Advocacy Toolkit, a multimedia resource for activists, social movements and communities fighting evictions.

Human Rights Report Card Gives U.S. Poor Grades on Housing

The National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty released its 2013 Human Right to Housing Report Card today, marked globally as human rights day, reviewing U.S. compliance with the human right to housing in the context of American homelessness over the past year. The report card found that while there were areas of improvement, much more needs to be done.

Statement of the UN Special Procedures Mandate Holders on the occasion of the Human Rights Day


On the occasion of Human Rights Day, the UN special procedures call on all stakeholders, in particular States, to cooperate with them fully

African Commission Affirms Women’s Right to Land and Other Productive Resources

In November 2013, the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights adopted a groundbreaking resolution on women’s right to land and other productive resources. With this resolution, the African Commission urged States “to fully comply with their obligations and commitments to ensure, protect and promote women’s right to land and property” and encouraged them “to repeal discriminatory laws and adopt legislative measures to sanction customary practices that limit or have a negative impact on women’s access to, use of and control over land and other productive resources.”

How to follow up on United Nations human rights recommendations


This Guide, issued by the Office of the High Commissioner for HumanRights (OHCHR), focuses on how civil society can follow up on recommendations of United Nations (UN) human rights mechanisms and mandates or bodies.

Realizing women’s rights to land and other productive resources

women land

The purpose of this publication is to provide detailed guidance to support the adoption and effective implementation of laws, policies and programmes to respect, protect and fulfil women’s rights to land and other productive resources. It presents an overview of international and regional legal and policy instruments recognizing women’s rights to land and other productive resources, and discusses ways of advancing a human rights-based approach to women’s rights to land and other productive resources.