“Deprival of food, water, shelter and medical care – a method of war in Syria, and a crime against humanity”


A group of United Nations independent experts urged all parties to the Syrian conflict to stop the use of civilian suffering as a method of war.

International solidarity with homeless people in Hungary

Campaign regarding the criminalization of homeless people in Hungary by A Város Mindenkié.

Evictions taint Turkey’s murky megaprojects

Source: DW/Ali Yildrim

“Officials promised us, ‘everybody will benefit from these projects. You’ll be well compensated when we buy your land,’” the 34-year-old mother of three recalls. Four years later, however, Demircan’s family is instead being evicted from their home.

Land, conflict and injustice in India

There are many fires raging in India. The agrarian crisis is one of the most shocking and destructive, and it sits at the heart of a range of interconnected calamities.

For some in Brazil, World Cup means evictions

he mega-event that will play out this summer in a dozen Brazilian cities is driving a frenzy of road construction, airport renovations and other projects. The impact is being felt most strongly among the poorest citizens, including residents of Porto Alegre’s largest favela, or slum, who have come to regard the soccer championship as synonymous with evictions, removals and demolition.

Four Years After Haiti’s Earthquake, Still Waiting for a Roof

Collecting bottles to recycle is the livelihood of at least a dozen people in this camp that about 800 families call home, located in Carrefour, on the southern edge of Port-au-Prince. Four years after the earthquake, there are still about 300 internally displaced person (IDP) camps mostly scattered around the capital region, and in a large new slum on desertic slopes outside the city.

U.S. Government Holding World Bank and IADB Accountable to Ensure Reparations for Chixoy Dam Victims in Guatemala

From 1975-1985, the WB and IADB partnered with repressive and genocidal Guatemalan regimes of General Lucas Garcia, 1978-1982, and General Rios Montt, 1982-1983, investing close to $1 billion in the Chixoy dam “development” project. Thousands of Mayan campesinos were illegally and forcibly evicted from some 32 communities, while over 440 Mayan Achi villagers were massacred in the Rio Negro community. The survivors have been suffering in poverty, abandonment and trauma ever since.

Rights for People Experiencing Homelessness

While people experiencing homelessness are afforded the same rights as other citizens of the United States, including the right to family, the right to be protected from domestic and sexual violence, the right to an education, the right to be free from hunger, the right to vote, and the right to receive mail, they still can have their rights violated as a result of their housing situation.

Being homeless is not a crime

Despite years of advocacy and protests, homelessness became a punishable offence in Hungary . In November 2012, the Constitutional Court struck down a law that criminalised street homelessness, arguing that the state should address homelessness as a social and not a criminal issue.

Thousands displaced by Jakarta deadly floods

More than 10,000 Indonesians have fled their homes in the capital due to flooding that has left five dead, an official said on Sunday, with people using rubber dinghies and wading through waist-deep water to reach safer ground.