France begins eviction of 650 migrants from Calais camps

French police have begun expelling around 650 migrants from camps in the northern port of Calais, despite opposition from rights groups supporting asylum seekers.

Anti-eviction group creates crowdsourcing map for stories of displacement

Bay Area residents who are experiencing eviction or another form of displacement due to gentrification are encouraged to contribute their stories to a crowdsourcing map, the latest effort by the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project.

More foreclosures, more middle-aged suicides, study finds

The sweeping, nationwide foreclosure crisis was a hallmark of the recession, and as the worst of the crash recedes, researchers are learning more about the economic and social ramifications of losing a home. Research has already established connections between foreclosures and a host of physical and psychological problems, as well as the relationship between unemployment and the suicide rate. A new study combines the two approaches for the first time.

When it comes to hosting the Olympics, more cities are saying, ‘Hold that thought.’

Jon Frankel, a reporter for HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel,” recently did a report on the “white elephants” left behind after a country hosts an international sporting event such as the World Cup or the Olympics.

European leaders urged to end plight of 600,000 stateless people

Europe’s leaders must take action to end the plight of some 600,000 stateless people who are stuck in a nightmarish legal limbo within its borders, campaigners said on Wednesday as they launched a petition calling for governments to consign statelessness to the history books.

Brazil’s evicted ‘won’t celebrate World Cup’

Every four years, Brazilians decorate their streets in green and yellow, celebrating the arrival of the most anticipated sports tournament in the country. With the kick-off for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil less than one month away, the country’s passion for football should be pulsating more than ever. But there are some signs to the contrary. “World Cup for whom?” read the words painted on a wall on a street in Sao Paulo.

More than 215,000 households face eviction

More than 215,000 homes in England are at risk of eviction or repossession, reckons Shelter. That’s the equivalent of 4,140 households being threatened every week. And the homeless charity’s research reveals that Newham in east London as the area where people are most likely to lose their home, while Salford is the eviction and repossession-risk capital of the north.

Syrian Families Living Outside Turkish Refugee Camps Face Tough Conditions

Today, Ali lives with his extended family in a cramped, one-story building in this remote suburb of Antakya, where he struggles to find enough money to feed his family, and often fails to make rent.

Ivoirian Refugees Return to Homelessness

Tens of thousands of western Côte d’Ivoire residents who fled deadly election turmoil three years ago have returned home, where survival is a daily struggle as more than half of them remain homeless.

UN-endorsed report finds internal displacement growing in Syria

A report released Wednesday at the United Nations in Geneva has found that 33.3 million people were displaced within their own countries at the end of 2013 – 4.5 million more than in 2012.